Friday, 22 October 2010

The All Seeing Eye........

In a world full of questions, Impossible is inviting members of the public to take part in a new interactive artwork, in which their questions will be broadcast into the night sky at Illuminating York from 27-30 October 2010. Using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, Impossible is gathering all sorts of everyday, weird and wonderful questions and invite the online crowd to answer them. Recordings of the questions will be broadcast via Impossible’s projections, live at Illuminating York, from 27-30 October in Dean's Park (next to York Minster).

You can pretty much ask the All Seeing Eye whatever you want, whether it's ‘What should I eat for tea tonight?’, or ‘What should I get my mum for her birthday’, to the more surreal ‘Can fish laugh?’ or ‘What is the first thing you would say to an alien?'!

If you fancy taking part, you can post a question via twitter, facebook or YouTube, as written questions, or as audio or video clips made on home-web cameras, or mobile phones. Follow @allseeing_eye on twitter, or visit All Seeing Eye on facebook or YouTube to take part in posting questions, and offering answers.

Over 2 billion people every day ask questions using search engines. Impossible aims to give you a brand new take on the answers...!

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